Dgroups is the starting point for groups and communities in international development. Whether you are supporting a team, a group, a network, an organization or a community, we aim to provide you with a platform which is simple, non-commercial, respectful of privacy, and targeted at low bandwidth users in the South. Dgroups supports 700+ communities of practice, with more than 150.000 registered users. It delivers around 460.000 email messages each day, half of which are exchanged with and within low-income countries.

Dgroups Vision

A world where every person is able to contribute to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice.

Latest News

Case study: Using Dgroups to map rules and regulations governing the use of drones
Giacomo Rambaldi from CTA is a long time user and supporter of Dgroups, having used the platform for more than a decade now. During a ...

May 25, 2018

Case study: Using Dgroups for stakeholder engagement and participation in the FAO Farmer Field School
During a recent webinar organized in partnership between FAO-Dgroups, Suzanne Phillips from the Farmer Field School Team in the Plant Production and Protection Division of the FAO ...

April 19, 2018


Case study: Using Dgroups to bring together a global community of purpose
Neil Pakenham Walsh is the Coordinator of Healthcare Information For All (HIFA) and is the current Chair of the Dgroups Foundation. In a recent webinar ...

May 15, 2018

An introduction to Dgroups [9-minute video presentation]
Dgroups is a longstanding, successful international development initiative, like few others. It has been online since 2002, and hundreds of thousands of development professionals use it regularly in ...

April 11, 2018