Dgroups is the starting point for groups and communities in international development. Whether you are supporting a team, a group, a network, an organization or a community, we aim to provide you with a platform which is simple, non-commercial, respectful of privacy, and targeted at low bandwidth users in the South. Dgroups counts 700+ communities, with more than 150.000 registered users. It delivers around 460.000 email messages each day, half of which are exchanged with and within African countries.

Dgroups Vision

A world where every person is able to contribute constructively to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice.

Latest News

Dgroups webinar – Developing and supporting your Dgroup
After the first Dgroups Communities webinar held last month, this week we organized the second event in this series of three online webinars. The theme for this session was ...

April 23, 2015

Dgroups Activities Report 2014
With six new partners joining in 2014,  the Dgroups Partnership counts now 22 member organizations and it is stronger at the end of 2014 than at the beginning ...

March 06, 2015


Dgroups webinar – Learning the ins and outs of the Dgroups platform
Creating a new online community can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. But bringing a new community to life and getting its members engaged is a ...

April 02, 2015

UNCDF, Access Agriculture join Dgroups
After the 3 organizations that joined earlier in 2014, the year 2014 closes with another good news for Dgroups. Two new organizations have just formalized their membership and have joined the ...

December 19, 2014