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Welcome to Dgroups

Dgroups is the starting point for groups and communities in international development. Currently Dgroups engages over 200000 people in ALL countries and territories of the world. We are a partnership that caters to both individuals and organisations by offering tools and services that bring people together. Whether you are supporting a team, a group, a network, an organization or a community, we aim to provide you with a platform and tools to do this in an environment which is simple, non-commercial, respectful of privacy, and targeted at low bandwidth users in the South.

Latest News is restored to normal service
The website was down over the weekend, apparently due to a temporary technical problem with the Internet Service Provider, which is now fixed. Thanks to the prompt intervention of ...

Dgroups Board approves new membership structure
At the Dgroups Annual Partners meeting earlier this year, Dgroups members discussed how to increase the annual income of the Foundation and how to encourage small organisations (less than 1 ...

Dgroups review, priorities and action plan 2014
For many organizations, Dgroups remains an essential tool, both for internal communications as well as for information and knowledge sharing with and amongst partners. For example, for FARA ...


Dgroups vision

A world where every person is able to contribute constructively to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice

Dgroups Partners