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Welcome to Dgroups

Dgroups is the starting point for groups and communities in international development. Currently Dgroups engages over 200000 people in ALL countries and territories of the world. We are a partnership that caters to both individuals and organisations by offering tools and services that bring people together. Whether you are supporting a team, a group, a network, an organization or a community, we aim to provide you with a platform and tools to do this in an environment which is simple, non-commercial, respectful of privacy, and targeted at low bandwidth users in the South.

Latest News

Dgroups leaflet in French, Spanish and Portuguese
We are delighted to announce the availability of our new introductory leaflet in 4 languages here: English [download  pdf] French [download  pdf Spanish [download  pdf] Portuguese [download  pdf] Please ...

Three new organizations join Dgroups
We're delighted to announce that over the past weeks three new organizations have joined the Dgroups partnership: the Tropical Health & Education Trust (THET), The Broker Online and Enda Energie. Based in ...

Top Dgroups functionality requests and recent platform enhancement
Since several months now, we have revised our approach for functionality improvement. The new approach decentralises all identification and discussion of functionality improvements to the [redesign] Dgroups, which ...


Dgroups vision

A world where every person is able to contribute constructively to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice

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