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General Data Protection Regulation: Guidance to Dgroups Foundation from WA-Research

June 04, 2018  |   en,partnership,platform   |     |   0 Comment

On May 25, 2018, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. The Dgroups Foundation has received confirmation that WA Research, the company that hosts and develops the website, is fully compliant with the GDPR. Details are included in the guidance note that the Dgroups Board has received by WA Research - see text below or download in PDF. [su_button url="" target="blank"]Download the guidance note (pdf)[/su_button] We’re sure you are aware of the ...

An introduction to Dgroups [9-minute video presentation]

April 11, 2018  |   dgroups,partnership,platform   |     |   0 Comment

Dgroups is a longstanding, successful international development initiative, like few others. It has been online since 2002, and hundreds of thousands of development professionals use it regularly in their work.  Some, however, may be less familiar with it or may have just heard about it. So what is Dgroups? During a recent webinar organized in partnership between FAO-Dgroups, Saskia Harmsen from the Dgroups Board gave a short introduction to ...

Dgroups welcomes four new partner organizations

January 21, 2018  |   en,partnership   |     |   0 Comment

The Dgroups Partnerships keeps growing, with four organizations having recently joined the Dgroups Foundation: Global Healthcare Information Network CIC (GHI-net) and C3 Collaborating for Health as Associate Partners; Charter for Change and Personas Facilitadoras DT as Project Partners. Global Healthcare Information Network CIC (GHI-net) is a "non-profit organisation established in 2005 to administer the global initiative HIFA (Healthcare Information For All). [...] HIFA continues to grow, with ...

Presentations and report Dgroups Annual Partners Meeting 2017

December 15, 2017  |   dgroups,en,partnership,platform   |     |   0 Comment

The 2017 Dgroups Annual Partners Meeting was held on 30 November 2017. This year’s meeting was held online using Adobe Connect. A total of 15 participants joined the meeting, representing 6 of the 16 Full Dgroups Partners and 5 of the 8 Associate Partners. Damir Simunic and Joe Canda from WA-Research also joined the meeting. The agenda of the meeting was organized in three main parts: Dgroups business meeting - Presentation by the Dgroups ...

Dgroups at the Knowledge for Development (K4D) Conference

April 10, 2017  |   dgroups,en,partnership   |     |   0 Comment

Dgroups was presented as an example of best practice at the Knowledge for Development Conference in Geneva, 3-4 April 2017. Neil Pakenham-Walsh, chair of the Dgroups foundation and founder of HIFA (Healthcare Information for All: five Dgroups with >16,000 members interacting in 3 languages) presented Dgroups to a diverse audience of more than 200 development professionals (many of whom already use Dgroups). He underlined the vital importance of Dgroups and communities of ...

Dgroups is now available for time-limited projects

March 20, 2017  |   dgroups,news,partnership   |     |   0 Comment

The Foundation is committed to make Dgroups accessible and affordable to all development organisations worldwide. For this reason, and to answer requests for membership in Dgroups received in recent months, the Dgroups Foundation has now introduced a new type of partnership into Dgroups: Project Partner. This membership type is available for time-limited activities that are jointly carried out by two or more organisations, where formal individual organisation membership (Full/Associate) is not appropriate to their needs. An overview of ...

Presentation Dgroups Partners Meeting 2016

September 18, 2016  |   dgroups,en,partnership   |     |   0 Comment

Representatives of Dgroups member organizations and Board members met on 14th September 2016 for the Dgroups Partners Meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). The meeting report will be available for Dgroups members' in the coming days. In the meantime, you can view the presentation below, which illustrates objectives and progresses for the 9 work areas identified in Dgroups annual work plan.

Save the date! Dgroups Partners Meeting 2016

July 28, 2016  |   dgroups,events,partnership   |     |   0 Comment

We're pleased to announce that the 2016 Dgroups Partners Meeting will take place on 14th September, 2016, and it will be hosted and co-organized with IDS in the context of the Eldis 20th Anniversary Workshop. The Eldis 20th Anniversary Workshop aims "to bring together knowledge brokers and communications professionals to share learning on the current “state-of-the-art” in digital knowledge sharing theory and practice; to identify opportunities and build collaboration around the future role of digital knowledge sharing platforms and portals ...

Dgroups welcomes three new partner organizations

April 12, 2016  |   dgroups,partnership   |     |   1 Comment

Between end 2015 and beginning 2016, three new organizations have joined the Dgroups Foundation: IDS and UNISDR as Full Dgroups Partners; Savana Signature as Associate Partner. The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a well established actor in the development sector, being a "leading global institution for development research, teaching and learning, and impact and communications." Based at the University of Sussex, IDS brings to the partnership a solid and extensive experience in information services and communication for ...

cinfo joins Dgroups

June 05, 2015  |   en,partnership   |     |   0 Comment

We're happy to announce that the cinfo - the Centre for Information, Counselling and Training for Professions relating to International Cooperation - has recently joined the Dgroups Partnership. Based in Biel, Switzerland, cinfo is:As we read from its website: a specialised service provider and the network platform for professionals and organisations involved in the IC job market and for persons who wish to become active in this field. cinfo support partners and clients providing information, counselling and ...