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Work areas and objectives 2013

The following six work areas and objectives were presented and agreed at the Annual Partners Meeting on 15 November 2012:

1. Platform improvement

  • We shall continue to improve the platform through a user-driven process.
  • We shall ensure that all requests and ideas for functionality improvements are monitored and made freely available to all users. We shall assess the feasibility (or otherwise) and provide progress updates on each request.
  • We shall explore how Dgroups can take advantage of mobile opportunities, through apps and a mobile interface of Dgroups as well as email-SMS integration.

2. Service reliability

Working with WA-Research:

  • We shall maintain service reliability at or very near to 100%.
  • We shall increase our disaster preparedness, so that normal service is maintained in the event of disaster (eg technical breakdown, illness, injury).

3. Users’ support for optimum use of the platform

  • We shall introduce a peer support or training programme on how to establish, maintain and moderate online communities.
  • We shall continue to organize regular online peer exchange sessions (1 each quarter) on “How to make the most of Dgroups” where Dgroups partners and administrators present their experience.
  • We shall publish regular blog posts, presentations and recordings on the Dgroups Foundation website.

4. Engagement with current partners

  • We shall encourage members to make full use of their membership, including the possibility to create Dgroups for affiliated organizations.
  • We shall maintain regular communications with all our Partners, through 1-to-1 calls (at least 2 times per year).

5. Marketing and outreach

  • We shall continue to develop and improve the Dgroups Foundation website.
  • We shall recruit new paying members – We aim to have 40 members by 2015.
  • We shall produce publicity material – Leaflet downloadable from website, in different languages.

6. Governance

  • We shall amend the Dgroups Statutes to allow expansion of the Board as needed, and more flexibility.
  • We shall improve Board representation – Ideally, equal representations for gender and geographical location of Board members.

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