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A quick end of the week post to record progress on a significant milestone, in two ways.

  1. The first group from Dgroups 1 was migrated across to the new platform at the end of last week. Hapee de Groot of Hivos, for it is a group that he manages, has been testing it with his colleagues. While there are some issues to be looked at, as you would expect, the important thing is that all the elements of the group came  across as planned: discussions, documents, members and their profiles- including passwords – were there when the group was opened. Great work, WA Research, and a necessary step in preparing for migration.
  2. Saskia Harmsen of IICD had the bright idea of using a training workshop she was running in Burkina Faso as a place to both test and introduce Dgroups 2 in French. The result is at the top of this page. WA responded quickly, both to open the group and then – overnight ! – to amend and improve the French translations, following feedback. Saskia reported that, “the workshop participants and first users of the itrainers-fr group were really enthusiastic about the new platform”.  A big thanks to Saskia and the training workshop participants for their very valuable feedback!

We have begun the process of planning migration in more detail, and will be reporting on that early next week.

(NOTE:the Spanish and Portuguese translations are being worked on at the moment. )

Pete Cranston

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  1. saskia

    dear pete, damir and team,
    thanks again for the fantastic support you provided when we started up the new itrainers-fr group on Dgroups2. It was an exciting moment, not just for us to see how everything would work, but also for the members of the group who felt they were pioneers! All in all, the reaction to the new platform was immensely positive, users found their way around easily and really liked the new feel of the web interface and functionalities.
    Thanks again Damir for the behind-the-scenes support and swift action on translation!
    Good luck with the next steps,
    Best, saskia

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